In recent years, doctors have learned that the human body has the ability to heal itself. Platelet-rich plasma treatment is a form of regenerative medicine that can harness those abilities and amplify the natural growth factors your body uses to heal tissue.

Platelet-rich plasma injection, or PRP, is a treatment in which the cosmetic surgeon injects patients with their own blood that has been treated to concentrate platelets in the plasma. PRP is used to help tissue regeneration. It also includes hair growth and works in conjunction with hair transplants and other procedures.

We believe that PRP should be used to treat injuries because put simply, PRP heals. Here are just a few reasons to try PRP:

  • It’s minimally invasive.
  • It can help you avoid surgery.
  • It offers a fast recovery time and quicker deep healing than surgery.
  • It’s less painful than surgery.

To ensure your safety and optimal results, be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions if you are taking aspirin, antibiotics or other medications.

  • If you are recieving PRP for hair loss, wash your hair on the day of treatment
  • Do not use any products on the hair
  • Bring a clean hat along with you to wear it after the procedure to protect the area.
  • It is important to eat a meal before the procedure to avoid lightheadedness.
  • First, your doctor takes out blood from your arm, and then separates the PRP from the rest of the blood’s components.
  • After numb the treatment area, your doctor carefully injects the PRP into different places under your skin.
  • The platelets break down and deliver their growth factors, which activate the natural processes of cell proliferation and tissue renewal.
  • The procedure takes about 30 minutes, and most people can resume their normal activities immediately afterward.
  • Stop washing the treatment area for 48 hours.
  • You can use your well organized hair products and continue any topical medications.
  • The treatment area may be sore for 2 or 3 days, and you may notice some bruising.
  • In case of severe pain, notify the doctor’s clinic right away.
  • You can use hair dye one week after PRP treatment for hair loss.
  • You will notice the effect of treatment after at least 6 months.
  • Repeat treatments may be requisite to maintain the improvement.

Most patients find that the procedure is not very painful, and they tolerate it well. Expect soreness and swelling for at least the first 48 hours after your injection. You can also use heat packs or hot compresses to soothe the pain.

Unfortunately, some patients are not good candidates for PRP. If you have any of the following conditions:

  • Severe anemia
  • Low platelet count
  • Abnormal platelet function
  • Active systemic infection
  • Active cancer

You should see your first results in 2-6 weeks. As time passes, you’ll find that the pain lessens with every week that passes. Many patients see great improvement within 6-9 months of the treatment.

There are no foreign substances being injected into your body, so most doctors consider the procedure to be very safe. The only possible complications are those of needle insertion, and they include bleeding, bruising, infection, and soreness.

This treatment is extremely new & real progress has only been made in the last decade or so. New techniques, protocols, and trials are ongoing every day. Because this treatment is so cutting edge, it’s not part of standard medical school curricula yet. However, as the treatment evolves and wins more acceptance, we expect that the news will spread and the treatment will become available to more patients.

  • Drink plenty of fluids after the treatment.
  • Avoid activity like working out or physically demanding tasks.
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory medications for at least 4 weeks, as these can interfere with the healing process.
  • Attend all follow-up visits
  • Do not skip appointments, as this can make future treatments less effective.
  • In addition to decades of expertise and renowned skill, our team ensures clear communication, warmth and compassion throughout each step of your procedure.
  • The team is dedicated to safeguarding each patient’s well-being and health while helping them feel attractive and confident.
  • All treatments are safe and effective, as supported by scientific studies.

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