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Avoiding shave and letting natural hair growth take care of the rest is the easiest technique to develop a beard. However, it is more difficult for boys whose facial hair has not yet grown. Many people have thin facial hair, which doesn’t grow out to be a thick, appealing beard. Fortunately, latest beard transplants are available at JJ Aesthetics to help you have a naturally grown thick beard.

Beard Hair Transplant

What Is a beard Transplant?

You will have no problem understanding the concept of beard transplant if you already know how hair transplant works. Simply put, beard transplants involve removing hair grafts – usually from the back of the head – and then implanting these grafts into the skin of the jaw or wherever there is insufficient beard hair.

How Do Beard Transplants Work?

If you are familiar with how hair transplants operate, comprehending the notion of beard transplantation won’t be a problem. The simplest definition of a beard transplant is the removal of hair grafts, typically from the back of the head, and their subsequent implantation into the skin of the jaw or another area where there is a lack of beard hair.

Do You Meet the Requirements for a Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant candidates should have lost facial hair owing to injuries, genetics, or burns. Additionally, men who experience erratic beard development as a result of low testosterone or other hormonal abnormalities may surely think about taking this treatment.

Beard transplants are required in the cases listed below:

(1) The complication of beard hair.
(2) Want to have a full beard or sideburns.
(3) There are scars in the beard zone.

How To Know That You Need A Beard Transplant?

If you are not content with the appearance of your inappropriate beard, you should get a beard transplant. This treatment is widely considered a right choice because it:

• Provides unfailing results.

• Only local anesthesia is required.

• It’s a safe surgery resulting in minimal pain.  

• Gives you a beard that grows naturally.

• Shows 100% results in a short span of time.


Procedure Of Beard Transplant:

In order to make the surgery less uncomfortable, beard transplants are typically performed under local anesthetic. The steps in this treatment are listed below.

Follicle harvest:

The surgeon will now apply local anesthetic while shaving the donor area of the head. After that, they will either remove individual grafts or a strip of scalp along with the hair follicles.

Follicle Implant:

Individual hair follicles are implanted in parts of the face that have little to no beard hair.


The first day or so following surgery is spent recovering. During this time, tiny crusts form around the freshly implanted hair grafts on the affected skin.


What Can I Achieve With A Beard Hair Transplant?

In 3–4 months, the newly transplanted stands should settle in and start to grow. In 8 to 9 months, a full, healthy beard will develop.

Both FUT and FUE provide results that look natural. FUT, in contrast to FUE, enables you to receive more grafts, giving you a thicker beard style. This is so that more hair may be removed from one scalp strip with FUT.


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